Gijon 2016-2017

Gijon, Spain.

On Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 6.45am we met in front of our school, where we waited for our ride Go Opti to Marco Polo airport in Venice, Italy. When we arrived at the airport we went to the information desk to get our plane tickets and all the important information. So the first flight was from Venice to Madrid and the second one was from the country’s capital Madrid into the region called Asturias.

Our mentor Maria was waiting for us and drove us to our apartments where we met our other two mentors Mariano and Isabel. The next day we met Mariano in front of our apartment and he showed us the city and he drove us to the school for hairstyling where the students washed our hair and showed us how they work. We took a walk on a beach San Lorenzo multiple times where we took a lot of pictures. Firstly we had daily trips. The first week they showed us the Botanic garden, the University and the salons we were working in.

Tjasa V. was in Class Hair Estilistas, Lea was in Pilar de La Cera, Tjasa Ž. was in Brimel and Neža was in salon Arana . When we worked with clients we learned a lot of new techniques, for example hairdressing methods, hair dyeing, hair cutting, manicure, differences in grooming eyebrows and we also noticed customers have a different hair structure.There is a big difference in people too, they are always happy no matter what. We worked 5 day a week, Tjasa V., Lea and Neža worked from Monday to Friday, Tjasa Z. worked from Tuesday to Saturday.

After one month in Gijón Mariano drove us to the airport in Austurias where we flew to Barcelona and then to Marco Polo where we waited for Go Opti to take us to Ljubljana.