Le Puy En Velay 2016-2017

La Puy En Velay, France.

On Sunday 26th March 2017 at 0.50 we met in front of our school, where we waited for our ride to the Venice airport Marco Polo. After two hours we finally arrived at the airport. At first we just checked the airport and got all the important information. The flight was short. We took a train to the city centre, from there we walked to our hotel, Left Bank Saint Germain, where we left our baggage. We took a walk along the banks of the Seine river and saw the Louvre museum shaped like a glass pyramid. We visited the Orsay museum, later that day we also visited Galerie LaFayette.

The next day we visited other Paris sightseeings, such as Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, Sacre-Coeur, Moulin Rouge where the can-can dancers are from, Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The next day we went to Lyon by train and from Lyon to La Puy En Velay, where we stayed till 25th April 2017.

We were working in hair salons and once a week we attended school. We were all working in different salons. Tjaša Debelić was in Loure coiffure, Danaja Plohl in  Mixte coiffure, Anja Zupanec in Pat&Alex and Tina Hudobivnik in Athelier Hair’el. We were working with clients and we were able to see the difference in working techniques, we saw the diversity in making highlights, they used a comb instead of a brush.

Tina was the one who got to do the most in her salon, she cut hair, did highlights, colored hair and did some beautiful pin up hairstyles. Anja and Danaja were shampooing clients’ hair almost every day, but from time to time they let them color and blow dry clients’ hair. Anja also invited Tjaša to her salon to cut her hair. Tjaša was in the salon where they didn’t let her do much, she usually watched but they did let her shampoo clients’ hair sometimes.  We worked five days a week, we were free on Mondays and Sundays. When we went to school we were able to help in the salon. Anja and Tina got to cut hair on two male students and Danaja helped with coloring hair. We also attended English classes where we talked about our country and what we usually do in salons.

On public school open day we also met the mayor of Paris. After one month in Le Puy En Velay we took a train to Lyon where we spent our last night together and went home. This was a big experience for us because we saw how different the techniques are in France, we didn’t just learn hairstyling skills, we also learned a little French. When we didn’t work we also got to know each other a little bit better. The experience wasn’t just educational but also fun, because we got to see a country we never visited before.