Plymouth 2016-2017

London, England.


On 14th October four students Žiga, Manca, Tjaša and Lina from The Ljubljana  Secondary School for Hairstyling went to London on a student exchange program. We met at the airport at 3pm. The plane was late so we had to wait two hours. After waiting so long and after a short flight we finally arrived at the airport in London. We were staying in Leytone, which is close to London.


Next morning we went to the biggest European hairdressing fair ( Salon International) which was in ExCeL. There you can buy all hairdressing tools for the salon and work. Each of us bought a new pair of scissors for ourselves. At Salon International we watched Vidal Sassoon Academy Show, they presented  us new coloring and hair cutting techniques. Next day we went to Salon International again but we did not stay long there.


We went to Central London by underground and we viewed the city in more details. We went to The Dungeon Museum with torture devices, which they were using in London to torture prisoners and witches in the 16th century. After visiting the city we went to the Royal Albert Hall, which is the largest concert hall.


It hosted the Alternative Hair Show. This is a show where  very famous and good hairdressers and hairdressing  academies make unusual hairstyles that are not for everyday fashion and they presented them to us.

The money collected goes to charity to Leukaemia Research. This show took our breath away and it was more than perfect.


On Monday we took the train to the seaside town Plymouth where we stayed for two weeks.We were staying with an English family. The first day we went to the agency with the help of which we could take part in the mobility project (Almond Vocational Link), and later we viewed the city.


Next day we visited a private hairdressing school where students get really little knowledge compared to our school in Ljubljana. A day later we went to college where they have cosmetic and hairdressing courses. Lessons are similar to ours and also the working practice, the only difference is that students are not allowed to work outside school until the age of eighteen.


The second week we worked in two salons , one day we worked in the college where there were also students of this college. In this salon we learned a lot because we were able to do what we wanted. On all other days we worked in the salon Nick Evangelista. In the salon there were a lot of employees and it was a good salon where they have a lot of knowledge. In this salon we could only wash  the customers’ hair because this salon has  regular customers. The salons are very similar to ours in Slovenia, the only difference is that the students up to 18 years are not allowed to work in the hair salon where there are customers.


On Monday we went back to London by train where we slept one night and the next day we went to the airport where we boarded the plane to Slovenia. We landed in Ljubljana around 12 o ‘clock.