Tenerife 2016-2017

Tenerife, Canary Islands.

We are Nika Komic, Tanja Mutavčić, Tia Komočar and Metka Rodman, and we were happy to take part in the mobility program in February 2017. We were chosen to visit the dreamy Tenerife island. The teacher, who accompanied us to Tenerife, was Romana Marolt.

On a Sunday morning, actually night, because it was 1 o’clock in the morning, we all gathered in front of the school and drove to Trieste airport. From there we flew to Rome and switched to another plane for Tenerife. It was an amazing experience for all of us, because we were all flying for the first time!

On the first day we did a little bit of sight-seeing with our teacher and enjoyed the sun. Because it was winter in Slovenia, we were amazed at how hot it was.

On our second day we visited the Tenerife school for hairstyling . They all welcomed us very kindly. We learned how to use a barber razor and in the next hours we observed how they applied acrylic to nails. First they dipped the brush in the liquid acrylic, then into the acrylic powder, afterwards they applied everything together to the nail. We don’t need an UV-light for this, because acrylic dries quickly.

The third day we met their practical training coordinator, who took us all to our salons. Each girl had her own salon. The hairstylists in the salons didn’t speak English, so we had to learn a little bit of Spanish.

On the fourth day they had a Christian holiday, so it was a work-free day. Our teacher rented a car and we drove to the south, Playa de Las Americas. The drive was very interesting, because we saw a lot of spectacular things, such as old pyramids, old cities, wind turbines. When we arrived in the city, we walked to the main beach. We quickly headed back, but on the way home, we stopped in Siam Mall, which is a huge mall! None of us has ever seen so many stores at once. When we arrived back in Santa Cruz, our teacher showed us the incredible beach named Terasitas , which was close enough to our place.

At the weekend we visited the very famous library, who is architecturally very beautiful, it stands right by the sea and is one of the most famous buildings in the city.

We went to school for our practical lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays every week, on other days we worked in the salons. At our practical lessons we were studying about dermatology, we were paired up with another student and we looked and analyzed our scalp with a microscope, which we also have in school. We also learned how to properly massage scalp.

The students showed us two different hair extensions techniques that were unknown to us.

  1. First technique: they take a hair extension and they put a special glue on it (glue for hair extensions only). Then they press the extension on the hair and hold it tight for a good minute, so it sticks good to the hair.
  2. Second technique: they take an iron buckle through which they pull a piece of hair, then they tighten it with pliers, so that the hair is secured.

In the salon we saw and learned a lot of new things. On the island women have very thick and dark hair. They curl the hair on curlers a lot. They have big hairstyles, with lots of volume, and we also noticed that they always protect the client with a cape during blow drying. Elderly ladies come for a blowout once or twice a week, they never do their hair at home. They like to treat and pamper themselves.

On Valentine’s day we were at school. We were surprised by a student, who gave every girl/woman a handmade heart. We were also lucky enough to receive one.

With the students and the teachers from school we also visited the most famous attraction on the island, the volcano El Teide. Because it hasn’t erupted for several years, we were not worried at all. It was a sunny day, but on the volcano it was a little bit colder, because it’s on the higher ground. After that we took a bunch of photos and we went to Puerto de la Cruz.

We also enjoyed the famous carnival with its great music. The carnival lasts one week and it attracts people from all over the world. In the school they had food, drinks, and some of them were wearing costumes. A famous Salsa dancer also had a performance there and taught us a couple of dance moves. We had a lot of fun. Since it was the last day in school, we said our goodbyes to everyone we had met, and thanked them for their hospitality and kindness.

We will never forget this experience, because we learned and saw a lot of new things, we had the chance to experience living in a different culture. It was an amazing month!